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The Customer's Gallery

On this page you can see finished products, painted and customized by customers. 

Here are some custom painted police motorcycles painted by Satoshi Kawanaka
Satoshi also painted these

Here's a really cool custom squarebody Chevy with a custom bagger

These two sweet baggers were painted by Tony J Inabnitt. They look sweet on that nice looking diorama, don't they?

Here's a couple of motorcycles which Shawn Lockwood painted. They are absolutely freaking awesome!

Here's two motorcycles painted by Paul Walker. The colors pop!

Here's a Road King motorcycle painted by Dennis Stem. This one looks really classy. Dennis even added the trim to the front fender!

And here are both of my 1/64 garage tools sets also painted by that same gentleman, Dennis Stem.  Extremely detailed, very good job.

Here's both of my 1/64 garage tool sets again, but this time painted by another gentleman called Steve Berryman. Amazing detail on the little hand and power tools.

I love seeing the finished results! So if you have placed an order, feel free to send me a few pictures of your work and I'll feature you on this page!